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What We Do

My name is Robynne Watson and I created MX Antix back in 2012 when my youngest son was racing motocross as a junior rider in New Zealand. 

MX Antix is based in New Zealand and was first launched in March 2012, when we produced our first online Junior & Mini MX magazine after finding that there was nothing similar available to new riders and their families. Over the following 3 years we released 10 issues of the magazine. We covered competitions & events, profiled local and international riders, new products and lots of info related to MX for new riders. Currently we are not producing the magazine but keep our Facebook page updated daily with any necessary info about all things MX. FB allows us to communicate with like minded people who have a passion for MX all over the world.


We currently support two junior race teams - one in  New Zealand  that comprises of 6 riders under the age of 17 and a team of 2 young riders from the east coast of the USA. 


MX Antix is also proud to be associated with Greg Moss from the Moss Institute MX & SX Coaching in Australia.  Greg comes to New Zealand regularly to teach young riders those same skills and techniques that he has taught top riders for over  20 years and has made him one of Australia's top MX coaches. We have an online registration form to his 2 day courses here in NZ.  


We have lots of friends all over the world who follow us on Facebook and Instagram and we like to keep everyone updated on a daily basis through our social media links.

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Facebook:  MX Antix

Instagram: @mx_antix

Robynne Watson
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